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15 July 2022

The DWMA publishes its Annual Review 2021

The Dutch Waste Management Association (DWMA) has published its Annual Review 2021. It was a year that was again overshadowed by the Covid pandemic. The waste sector ensured that its work got done and that in addition to the ‘regular waste’ society produces, the large volumes of medical waste were disposed of safely. And our Week of Waste Heroes made sure that all the men and women who do the practical day-to-day work were put in the spotlight.

Besides this, in 2021 the DWMA again continued to work for the transition to a circular economy. We drew attention to the quality of collected and recycled materials, the need to give recycled raw materials the same status as primary raw materials and the need to recognise the avoided carbon emissions elsewhere in the chain. The sector achieved these emissions reductions in the chain through its high quality recycling, sustainable energy production and CO2 capture for use in greenhouse horticulture and other industries. All these activities reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and resources.

The DWMA works with the Dutch Labour Inspectorate to improve safe and healthy working in the waste sector and with our members we again organised several activities during Safety Week that focused attention on health and safety.

You can read more in the Annual Review 2021, which is available now to read online. Or print out the pdf to read a paper version.

Derek Middleton

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