News from Europe and the waste sector

First tools for the circular economy

Five Dutch transition agendas towards a circular economy in 2050 were published at the beginning of this year. The waste sector was closely involved in their preparation and all parties are pleased with the result. There is widespread agreement on the need for quality control and for creating a...

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Westminster awakens

The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union. This and other developments are creating uncertainty for the UK waste sector. The British are already putting together a new set of UK waste regulations. The Netherlands, an important trading partner with the UK, is keeping a close eye on...

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Europe sets unworkable sanitisation requirements

Compost products will soon be allowed to cross Europe’s internal borders. The composting sector applauds the award of the much coveted product status to compost, but is concerned about the implications of the revised Fertilising Products Regulation. On the one hand, the composting process must meet...

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Measuring actual recycling will boost quality

How to calculate national recycling performance is a controversial issue in the EU. For plastic and wood waste, the Dutch waste sector argues for measuring what is actually recycled. That would boost the quality and sales of recycled plastic and the reuse of wood.

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Svenska avfall

Like the Netherlands, Sweden is one of Europe’s leading recyclers. Both countries face the challenge of further increasing their recycling rates. This requires ecodesign, a market for recycled products and more source separation. The Netherlands can learn from Sweden. For one thing, the...

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