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Dutch Waste Management Association

Helping you to follow the European debate on key waste management issues

The Dutch Waste Management Association (DWMA) represents the national and international interests of waste companies active in the Netherlands. With more than 50 members, the DWMA is an important discussion partner for government departments, regional and local authorities and other organisations.

14 juni 2024 ‘Recycling industry crucial for the circular economy’
The Dutch Waste Management Association (DWMA) published its Annual Review 2023 on 14 July 2024. ‘Creating the circular economy depends on...

22 maart 2024 Cooperation agreement between German and Dutch Waste to Energy sector
The Association of Thermal Waste Treatment Plants in Germany (ITAD) and the Thermal Waste Treatment section of the Dutch Waste Management...

18 maart 2024 Crisis in plastic sorting and recycling industry
The Dutch Waste Management Association (DWMA) is sounding the alarm. Dutch and European plastic sorting and recycling facilities are...

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