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14 March 2022

Inspirational Talk about the importance of Recycling worldwide

Global Recycling Day 18 March 2022

In the run-up to Global Recycling Day on the 18th March an inspirational talk took place between Ranjit Baxi, Marc den Hartog, Wim Horeman and Unico van Kooten about the importance of recycling for making our world more sustainable and more safe. With practical and inspiring thoughts, they encourage viewers to stand up for a sustainable, clean world. By collecting as much waste as feasible separately and reusing and recycling it as optimally as possible.


Who is who

  • Ranjit Baxi, Founder and President Global Recycling Foundation
  • Marc den Hartog, Managing Director Commercial Waste NL (RENEWI), President DWMA Recycling
  • Wim Horeman, Managing Director Collection and Recycling (GP Groot), President DWMA Collection
  • Unico van Kooten, European Secretary Dutch Waste Management Association (DWMA)

Global Recycling Day

On 18 March we celebrate Global Recycling Day. A day of unity and hope. On that day, we put the spotlight on recycling and show the world how important recycling is. Both for the living environment close to home, and for the world as a whole. By using and recycling raw materials efficiently, you contribute to a future-proof, tidy and safe living environment. With good collection and recycling, we protect the environment and climate. Every kilo of recycled waste also means CO2 saved.