18 March 2021

2020 Dutch Recycling Hero nominated for the international 2021 Recycling Hero contest

18 March: Global Recycling Day

The Dutch Waste Management Association has nominated the 2020 Dutch Recycling Hero for the international 2021 Recycling Hero contest.

In 2020, we celebrated Global Recycling Day by nominating individual heroes and citizens’ initiatives that help to promote recycling efforts and a cleaner living environment.

Litter picker Rien Voets was unanimously voted the winner. He is a symbol of the many people who voluntarily work to clean our living environment every day. Since retiring, Rien Voets has gone out on a daily basis to pick up litter. He rides his bike, which has a trailer hooked up to it, to collect litter all around his town. The film speaks for itself.


Ten winners

On 19 March the Global Recycling Foundation announced the ten #RecyclingHeroes 2021. We are proud to say that Rien Voets was one of them. The winners each won a $ 500 prize thanks to their dedication and innovation in local recycling. The winners were selected from nominations received from several countries across the globe covering all the main continents. Their work spans all parts of the recycling industry from plastic to textiles and household items.