Policy objectives

Effective enforcement

The WFD sets out a waste hierarchy to be applied as a priority order in policies and legislation for waste prevention and management. It establishes clear and specific criteria for granting recovery status for highly efficient waste-to-energy plants and for defining end of waste. We believe the end-of-waste criteria should become European standards for the development of a European recycling market based on guaranteed ‘leak-proof’ waste management. This means that all wastes are collected, treated or processed in a legal manner and according to the waste hierarchy.

We stress the importance of full implementation of European waste legislation. Effective European enforcement will support sound implementation at the national level.

Efficient use of resources

The waste industry plays a crucial role in the creation of a sustainable society: we reduce the need for primary raw materials by recycling waste materials, we generate sustainable energy from waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The waste sector aims to be one of the most sustainable and efficient suppliers of energy and raw materials in Europe by 2020. We can make our contribution more effective by being involved at the design stage of products to ensure optimal recycling potential. EU policies should promote and support this trend.

Freer operation of market forces

We believe the European waste market will have to open up more in the near future to stimulate the swift introduction of sustainable waste management practices throughout Europe. Freer operation of market forces will also stimulate the wider use of best available waste processing techniques.

Further professionalisation and innovation

The European Union wants to become the supplier of green technology for the world. This must be backed by adequate European funding for research and development. We believe these financial resources should also be used to strengthen the implementation of waste policy, promote the highest integrity and competence across the whole waste sector, and foster the development of innovative waste management techniques.