Our main European policy objectives:

  1. Step-by-step progress towards a level playing field in Europe 
  2. Workable European legislation, sound European standards and effective European enforcement 
  3. Efficient use of resources and sustainable practices 
  4. Freer operation of market forces in the waste sector
  5. Opportunities for further professionalisation and innovation in the waste sector

A level playing field in Europe

The DWMA argues for the step-by-step creation of a level playing field across Europe for fair competition based on high environmental standards. Harmonisation of national legislation is an essential condition for establishing a level playing field. The same high standards must apply across Europe. The European waste industry will then provide a firm foundation for meeting Europe’s ambitious goal of becoming a fully sustainable society.

Workable legislation, sound standards and effective enforcement

We support the use of European legislation to create a high quality European waste management infrastructure across the whole of Europe. The outcome of the 2008 revision of the Waste Framework Directive (WFD) sets a good example. It contains workable measures to prevent or reduce adverse impacts from the generation and management of waste, to reduce the overall impacts of resource use, and to improve the efficiency of resource use.

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