Sewer Maintenance

‘Safe working is high on the list of our priorities. Our Health and Safety Catalogue provides a set of standards for safe working that apply to all companies, raising safety levels across the whole sector.’

Herman Gijlers (SUEZ), chair of the DWMA Sewer Maintenance Section


Our goal is safe working practices, high standards and innovation


Our members are specialised in the cleaning and inspection of civil and industrial infrastructures in accordance with the highest national and European quality standards. They work to continuously improve quality standards, environmental protection and the health and safety of their employees. In 2009 our members published the Health and Safety Catalogue, which contains standards for better working conditions in the sector.

Growing emphasis on quality and innovation 

Tendering for local governmental contracts is increasingly based on quality and innovative working methods, with less emphasis on price-based competition.


25 February 2019 - 26 February 2019