Landfill in the Netherlands

Towards sustainable landfilling

The DWMA and several of our members are participating in the Sustainable Landfill Foundation (Stichting Duurzaam Storten), which is investigating and testing various sustainable landfill techniques. These new techniques can reduce environmentally damaging emissions to zero within a single generation (30 years) – permanently safe landfills. Research has shown that sustainable landfilling is possible and delivers better results than current methods. For more information, go to

A vital, environmentally responsible reserve waste disposal capacity

In the Netherlands, all waste that cannot be recycled or incinerated is landfilled in accordance with strict regulations to protect the environment and human health. By providing reserve waste disposal capacity, our landfills are an indispensable part of the waste management chain. However, the expected further decline in the volumes of waste going to landfill is undermining the economic position of the Dutch landfill operators. The Netherlands is investigating the long-term implications of this trend for the security of reserve waste disposal capacity.