‘Landfills will remain necessary, because without the bottom rung of the waste hierarchy you can’t climb any higher.’

Bert Krom (Afvalzorg Holding), chair of the DWMA Landfill Section

Our goal is an economically viable, zero-emission reserve waste disposal capacity


The Dutch landfill sector is lobbying hard to ensure that policies and regulations lead to a situation in which no reusable, recyclable or combustible waste is landfilled. At the same time, the sector is working for the continued existence of profitable landfill operators who can guarantee an essential reserve waste disposal capacity for waste which cannot be recovered. We want the annexes to the Landfill Directive amended to ensure that the European landfill sector makes the maximum possible contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and employs state-of-the-art techniques for optimal environmental protection. Specifically, the amendments should provide for:

  • Landfill gas emission limit values and implementation of the best available techniques for minimising landfill gas emissions
  • Clear objectives for aftercare measures, and for ending the aftercare period when emissions are within the levels acceptable for landfills for inert waste
  • Clear requirements for capping systems, with standards comparable with those for aftercare

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25 February 2019 - 26 February 2019