Hazardous and Oil-containing Wastes

"Hazardous wastes are raw materials for new products like batteries, building materials and base oils."

Jan Goedhart (Van Gansewinkel - Part of Renewi), chair of the DWMA Hazardous and Oil-containing Wastes Section


Our goal is maximising recycling and reuse


Our members are specialised in the collection, transport, storage, recycling and processing of the many different types of hazardous and oil-containing wastes, from used oils and paint waste to acids and batteries. All these wastes require special treatment to prevent environmental pollution, remove contamination and separate clean fractions. Our aim is to maximise reuse and recycling.

We work with government and industry for effective legislation on the transport of hazardous wastes and on EU and national treatment standards, as well as ensuring consistency between policies and licensing and enforcement practice.


25 February 2019 - 26 February 2019